Nächstes Meetup

Crawling crabs et al.
For those babies who have outgrown the Bubble Café, who want to be on the move and explore. Should the weather be nice enough, we'll suggest an alternative location, such as the Buvette in Lutry, parc Milan, parc de la Vallée de la Jeunesse, lac de Sauvabelin etc.

Culture Café (1st floor of FNAC)

Rue de Genève 6 · Lausanne

Worum es bei uns geht

Hey baby mamas and future baby mamas this group is for you! If you are looking to connect, hang out, and do fun activities with other women who are pregnant or who have babies then you've come to the right place. Having a baby far away from family and friends and in a far away country can be a challenging experience, this group will provide opportunities for friendship and support through fun activities and events. Members of this group will have frequent coffee meetups, potlucks, baby stuff exchanges, stroller walks by the lake, fitness sessions, baby mama yoga courses, baby massage lessons, French language workshops, chocolate and wine tastings and of course ladies nights and cocktails!

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