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Do you need some time to relax and calm down from the stress in your life?

Mindfulness meditation could be something for you! In our busy and hectic life, being mindful can be extremely helpful in reducing stress, calming a frenzied mind and increasing well-being. We are also looking for ways to regain our inner balance and develop a kinder relationship with ourselves.

So let's meet and practice together! All meditations and exercises are guided by an experienced mindful teacher, so it's ideal for beginners and more experienced practitioners.

The approach we take to mindfulness is completely secular: Everybody is welcome to join, regardless of their religious or cultural background.

What we'll do:
We'll practice together various forms of mindfulness meditation, such as mindfulness of the breath, mindfulness of the body, or gentle yoga. All practices and exercises are designed to bring kind awareness to our mind, body and feelings and to help us re-connect with ourselves.

We'll also take the time to share experiences or discuss tips or in a safe and welcoming environment.

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