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Who joins me in guessing that there are loads of people out there in Berlin that are familiar with the lean startup concept or have read Eric Ries’ bestseller The Lean Startup: “How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses”, (other keywords: Alexander Osterwalder/Yves Pigneur’s: “The Business Model Generation”, Steve Blanks: “The Startup Owner’s Manual”, Ash Maurya “Running Lean” … you name it.) 

IF YOU ARE ALSO CURIOUS to find out if the LEAN STARTUP BERLIN can attract the same traffic and buzz as other innovative metropolis do, join. Meet up with people eager to exchange their experience, thoughts and ideas about this topic. Learn (more) about lean startup.

Let’s develop strategies, meetings, courses or other events around it.

Let’s figure out how to benefit from thes new concepts and apply them to our startup ideas or businesses or form success teams for mutual support.

You are welcome you join. Spread the word. And invite others to partake.