Starting without a CTO: From Ideation to Doing in no Time

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Lean Development - Why you don't need a CTO from the Start

"I am looking for a CTO" is one of the biggest problems facing a non-technical founder. But when do you really need one? Martin Stolz is a rock star developer who has worked for and scaled multiple internet sites, such as Zooplus or HolidayInsider. He is now working on his own startup [elastic-items (] - solving a pain that every company with a large catalog feels. As techie and lean practitioner he will share his insights on the right time to call in the technical muscle and how to appeal to top talent.

Disrupt Thinking Workshop - Boris Danne supported by Ben & Ralf

Ideas are a dime a dozen – but what if you just don’t have any? Working with Disruptive Thinking trains your creative mind and gets you unstuck in no time. In this hands-on workshop you will analyze an existing market, find novel ways to disrupt it and learn how to rapidly validate those ideas… without hiring a CTO!