Worum es bei uns geht

Learn the important life skill of Meditation to calm the mind, relax the body and cultivate emotional wellbeing.

In this 4 week course, John will guide you through a different meditation each week. The key to meditation is finding what works for you.

Each 1 hour session introduces a new technique, the health benefits of each and applying the theory to life.

SESSION 1 - The Body & Breath Meditation

SESSION 2 - The Mind & Mantra Meditation

SESSION 3 - The Emotions & Music Meditation

SESSION 4 - Spiritual Growth & 'Who Am I?' Meditation

In meditation you can train the mind and body to experience deep peace, creativity and increased energy. This course is designed to bring ancient knowledge into the modern age with techniques that are practical and accessible for your daily life.

Learn the basic techniques of how to:

• Calm your mind

• Increase your energy

• Understand the relationship between thought and feeling

• Create a better flow between the inner & outer worlds

• Be more present in your life

• Improve your relationships at work and at home

• Make contact with the inner Self

• Establish a meditation practice

• Learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness

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Session 3 - The Emotions & Music Meditation

Cairns Spiritual Healing Centre

15,00 AU$

The introductory talk starts out with emotions and the heart ~brain connection. The energy of music and vibrational resonance is covered and how they relate to the Chakras. Practice 1 - music meditation on each Chakra Practice 2 - music meditation with the traditional Indian Tamboura

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Session 1 - Body & Breath Meditation

Cairns Spiritual Healing Centre

15,00 AU$

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