Worum es bei uns geht

If you are interested to increase your understanding of conscious and unconscious processes, how they work together and influence one another and how to use this knowledge in order to heal or become more succesful in life.

Or you are curious about coaching and how to succsessfully apply it to yourself as well as in your environment to enable change, choice and an increase of qualtity in experiences.

If u want to learn to see, hear and feel what makes people take certain choices, understand their motivations and their drive, which allows you to enhance the qualitiy of your relationships outside and within yourself and be able to understand the structure of language and use it as a powerful tool to extend your map of the world, widen your perspective to recognice unseen possibilities around you and much much more...

-Or you just want to have fun, while you learn and meet new people, this platform is the perfect playground for you!!

This Platform will present a serries of Seminars and Trainings to elaborate your rhetoric skills, empower you to get your things done to achieve the goals you set for yourself more easily and successfully. You will learn to handle challenges whether they come from the outside world or from within yourself with more fun and ease.

This serries of seminars and Trainings will equip you with tools and technics to learn whatever it is you feel like learning and will provide you with more choice and more quality in your daily lifes experience.

To achieve your goals and to get the best experience for you during the seminars and trainings, coaching elements will be applied specifically and individually, to display limiting beliefs and behaviors and to look together for more quality in your experience and more choice in the context given.

You will practice the content of the Seminars and Trainings by using improvisationtheater so you can experience and consolidate the presented material playfully in a secure environment.

Groupexcersises will help you to learn from each other and to develop and utilize the full potential of the group.

..and the best part is, that we will have lots of fun because we know scientifically proven, that fun ist the best neurological base for learning ☺

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