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Writing is done solo, but boosting creativity and enthusiasm is easier with like-minded people =)
This is envisaged as a spot for people who write anything (fiction, non-fiction, short stories, books...) to connect, exchange ideas, feedback, motivate each other, network, find out about interesting events, find a writing buddy... just chat, too.

Initially I'd like to see who's interested and where the group is going. This is totally open; could be that we'll set up designated meetings for different writing interests, and depending on what people want, we can make it a space where people bring what they've written and get feedback. We could also go on writing workshops together, or whatever you guys are up to. Let's just meet and find out! =)

N.B. depending on who joins, this group can happen in either English or German or both. I write in both languages and am kind of flexible.

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Get to know fellow writers + feedback round

Campus Library

This will be an opportunity to get to know some fellow writers, chat about your work and find out if you'd be up for joining our regular get-togethers for mutual feedback and support. Also Hannah will bring some work for feedback =) All welcome!

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Get to know fellow writers!

Campus Library

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