LingoTech Meetup @ Expolingua

LingoTech Berlin
LingoTech Berlin
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Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur

Friedrichstraße 176-179 · Berlin

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'Meetup Raum' - First floor of the Exhibition Hall. Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur Friedrichstrasse 176 – 179

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This month we're excited to be joining one of the world's biggest language fairs, Expolingua!

The fair hosts lots of language tech organisations including Chatterbug, Tandem, uTalk, HelloTalk, engramo and Vocabulary Miner. As well as our usual networking and chatting, there'll hopefully be an opportunity to meet some of these organisations.

Our meetup room is only available for 45 mins. Afterwards, for anyone who wants to join, we'll be grouping up and checking out some of the exhibitors. Expolingua then closes at 18h but given that it's a Friday, maybe there'll be appetite for an 'afterparty' nearby.

Free tickets for EXPOLINGUA are available here (

**About the LingoTech meetup**
Are you excited about how technology is revolutionising the way we use and learn languages? If so, this meetup is a chance to talk about topics such as language learning apps, voice recognition, chatbots, translators, classroom tech and any other topics you'd like to geek out on.

With the city's excellent academia and startups in the language technology field and a vibrant mix of languages, Berlin is an ideal spot for an active LingoTech meetup.

//Can I test my idea/product at the meetup?
Sure. Bring along your app/sketches/elevator pitch and I'm sure everyone would be happy to give some feedback.

//I don't know much about programming, can I still join?
Definitely. Everyone is welcome. We've had some really interesting exchanges between the tech-focussed (e.g. programmers) and the linguistic-focused (e.g. teachers, translators).