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    The LoRaWAN Group Hamburg is an user-group for TechTalks, Codelabs, Hackathons and anything else regarding the brand new and fascinating IoT technology LoRa.

    Who should join?
    You are a hardware or software developer and you want to start with IoT developement.
    You have an use-case for IoT or wearables and do not know how to realize it.
    You love LoRa.
    You are intrinsically motivated to build a sustainable future.

    Why should you join?
    We offer you access to our LoRaWAN Network in Hamburg, so you can realize your own IoT usecase.
    We connect you with people, that have the skills you need so urgently.
    You want to help Hamburg becoming a better sustainable place and join us in our work on that.

    What can you expect from our Group?
    Hackathons, workshops, advice, office-space and contact to our sponsors with cash.

    We are a currently deploying a LoRaWAN in Hamburg with 100% outdoor and indoor coverage.
    You will be a part of it!

    Join us now!

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