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If you are interested in developing your character and life and the one of the people around you,
you might want to check out this group:

Goal of the "Lobster Mastermind group" in Zürich:

1/ Discuss & digest Jordan Peterson`s thoughts on the world, especially our role as individuals.

2/ Main goal:
Work regularly (6-8 weeks) in moderated Mastermind sessions in order to profit from the other Lobsters`
perspectives, knowledge and integrity, by challenging and inspiring each other.
The process:
- Get to know your fellow members, their strengths and momentary challenges
- In small groups, work on the `task at hand` of the others ... and your own (with thinking tools provided)
- Share big & small experiences with the others and thus, profit from their experiences and connections
- ... and enough networking time

3/ This group consists of individuals wanting to better themselves, and support their fellows to do so as well.
We speak our truth, in an adequately respectful and open manner.
We are neither a political nor a religious group.
We cherish Science, the enlightenment and the various ways of moving towards "truth" as JBP does.

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