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We meet monthly to showcase new technology from London and around the world followed by networking. 5 presenters show demo of their technology and answer questions (5+5min).

The idea is to promote new technologies to tech-interested public, as well as potential clients, employees and investors. Finally, to provide inspiration and networking opportunities to those who want to find their passion and pursue what they love.

Marvel at the latest in cool technology! Watch some slide decks and ask questions!

Want to present? Submit your 5 min pitch deck for screening here (https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbx-FWabxtGGcHoqLYePS1FLlSKrNjFnlp4NSOGH5VDdk4gANVN2/exec) and we will get back to you!

We seek sponsorship! Email us at londonnewtechmeetup@gmail.com

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London New Tech #50

Runway East London Bridge

Hello all! We are excited to welcome you at London New Tech #50 🤩 👇TO SECURE YOUR SPOT GET YOUR FREE TICKET VIA EVENTBRITE 👇 https://londonnewtech50.eventbrite.co.uk You will need to present your ticket at the entry This is our little anniversary 🎇 and as a tradition we invite startups which already pitched at London New Tech to see their progress! 🎆 If you presented at London New Tech more than a year ago we would be happy to see you again to learn about the changes which your company went through. Email us at [masked] Or simply send us your 5 min pitch deck for screening below 📨 https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbx-FWabxtGGcHoqLYePS1FLlSKrNjFnlp4NSOGH5VDdk4gANVN2/exec You can see what to expect here https://youtu.be/8G3t4LGBOec Agenda: 18:30 - Networking 19:00 - Introductions 19:10 - Startups presenting 20:10 - Networking 21:00 - Closure Sponsors: Our Venue Sponsor is Knowledge Officer. Knowledge Officer builds personalised learning paths, helping you learn with purpose to achieve your career goals. https://knowledgeofficer.com Need any legal aid for your startup? Email Michael [masked] from Sterling Law and learn how he protects interests of entrepreneurs! Only 50 seats available so first come first serve 🤷‍♂️ Over 5 years, more than 250 startups presented at our event. See the list of our former presenters here: https://smnewtech.com/london/

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London New Tech #49

Runway East London Bridge

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