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    Welcome to Lugano Meetup. We’re a group that socially connects internationally minded people.

    If you are a visitor to Lugano, a foreigner living here, an expat working here, a newcomer or a local person with a global open mind then Lugano MeetUp is the place to be.

    If you want something to do follow the upcoming events on the Lugano MeetUp website. If you find something that interests you, just sign up for it and join us in the next MeetUp event. If you want to do something that has not yet been arranged, then create your own MeetUp event.

    In our Lugano MeetUp community, we have members of many different nationalities, backgrounds, ages and interests.

    We have regular monthly MeetUp events to connect new members, along with many other MeetUp events directly organized by our members.

    Do you want to organize a hike, a day trip, a get-together or anything in between? Create your own a MeetUp event and invite people to come.

    So let’s MeetUp today!

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