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Meeting place for all people of "iNtuitive Perceiving" personality types, in the Leipzig-Erfurt region in Germany.

"iNtuitive Perceivers" are all people who in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) and Jung personality typing systems have "extraverted intuition" (Ne) as either their primary or auxiliary function. In the MBTI, the iNtuitive Perceivers are all the xNxP types, that is: ENTP, INTP, ENFP, INFP.

"iNtuitive Perceivers" have two characteristics: One: Their information flow is from outside to inside. Two: their communication and thinking style is abstract. They look at the outside world in an abstract way, perceive patterns and possibilities, and then create ideas, models, and theories in their heads -- iNtuitive Perceivers are EXPLORERS of the abstract side of the real world out there.

Apart from being a place for iNtuitive Perceivers to be among themselves and for self-discovery, the main purpose of this group is to be a place where DISCUSSION, of the unrestricted and explorative kind that iNtuitive Perceivers need, can take place. >>> More info (https://www.meetup.com/MBTI-iNtuitive-Perceivers-Mitteldeutschland/pages/28751220/WHAT_ARE_INTUITIVE_PERCEIVERS/)

HOW THIS GROUP WORKS: This group is basically a bunch of personal advertizements of xNxP people who like to meet other xNxP people now and then. Meetups are held on an ad hoc basis, namely if anyone wants to meet up they simply post a comment and/or contact the organizer and/or some of the others, and then a meetup event is quickly scheduled.
The meetups of this group are totally informal affairs. Discussion topics for a meetup are not set by "the organization", but by everyone who visits the meetup. >>> More info (https://www.meetup.com/MBTI-iNtuitive-Perceivers-Mitteldeutschland/pages/26093533/MODUS_OPERANDI_OF_THIS_GROUP)

LANGUAGES: This group is bi-lingual in German and English. It is assumed that all members can roughly understand written text in either language. During meetups, we will ad-hoc switch to the language that is most convenient at that moment.

LOCATION: The meetups of this group are held in the geographical area of the Leipzig-Erfurt axis. The actual meeting place will typically be a Gaststätte near the Hauptbahnhof of Leipzig or Erfurt or Naumburg/Saale.

PARTICIPATE: After joining the group, please upload (in your profile for the group) a brief self-description and/or a brief outline of the sort of topics that are on your mind and that you are eager to discuss !! And also preferably a photo (so that when we meet we can recognize who is who). Blank walls are so unstimulating. Also: Please interact ! Please post discussion topic ideas and meetup proposals everywhere. This group depends on YOUR input. Please contact the organizer for any ideas and comments.

QUESTIONS: For any kind of question, or if you're an xNxP in the MBTI and would just like to chat, then please do not hesitate to contact me (Menno Rubingh). Click on me, head to my profile, then click on "Send a message to".

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Discussion about ADHD

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

This is a meetup that I would like to propose, for discussing the topic of ADHD. Thank you to Tea for tabling the topic of ADHD. Having now read a little about ADHD, I recognize many of the ADHD symptoms in myself. And I have the feeling that ADHD may overlap to a significant degree with the "extraverted iNtuition" (Ne) trait in Jung and Myers-Briggs. Also from having read about ADHD, I now have the distinct impression that the name "ADHD" is a *huge* misnomer. It is not a "disorder", it is simply a way of mental operation that is different from the boring and rule-obsessed majority. It is not an attention deficit or a case of hyperactivity, it is simply a different mental methodology of focusing on things (ADHD people focus intensely on one thing that grabs their own interest, whereas "normal" people focus on multiple things that society tells them to focus on). Things to discuss include: * Does the concept of "ADHD" make sense? * Does ADHD overlap with "Ne" in Jung/MBTI, and if so then to which degree? * Is ADHD a disorder, or a character trait? Addendum (added June 1): I just read in Lucy Lo Palladino in her description of the "Discoverer" type of "Edison Trait" people: "If he does not find people stimulating, he will stimulate them, usually by provoking laughter or anger." This seems a strong indication that this overlaps with the MBTI "ENTP" type. --- Proposed approximate date for this meetup: Somewhere in September-Oktober. The date of "Sep 28" shown for the event at this moment is only a temporary placeholder dummy (I had to fill in something in order to create the page for this event). The exact date for the meetup event is still to be determined (first one to contact me gets their meetup date preference met as far as I am able to). To join this event, please contact me (Menno Rubingh) (click on me, then click "Message"). It is not possible to join this event by RSVPing via the meetup.com RSVP mechanism. If you're interested in discussing this topic, then please comment below, or contact me via PM. Please post additional ADHD-related points and questions that you would like to discuss. Please contact me and tell me your preferences for a date for this event. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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Kennenlernen und Diskussion, Leipzig

Cafe Ludwig, inside book shop, in Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

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