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MIX Movement - Socializing Culture

This is a movement toward Culture X, a shared culture for all. We’re cultivating this global culture using MIXs.

MIXs = Mutual Interest eXchanges
A maximum of 8 people who do an activity or go to an event, together. The twist? There can’t be more than 4 people from 1 category of: Natives, Expats & Travelers!

MIXs start with "Sharing-X"

What’s your earliest memory of photography? Who was your favorite football player growing up? When’s the last time you saw a painting that moved you? This is the essence of every MIX! MODs are trained to ask a few intriguing questions about the theme of the event or activity, meant for a meaningful introduction eXperience.

The MIX Theme:

From going to see Barcelona play Paris at the stadium, to doing a drawing activity at a local cafe, the MIX Theme is up to the imagination, as long as it’s located in public spot (never at a private residence).

Check it out: getmixing.com

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