Mifare Classic Hacking


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Mifare Classic is a type of NFC smart card that has been more or less broken since 2007. Despite the fact that all its major security features can be bypassed, the cards are still sold and used today for public transportation, access control, university IDs, etc.

Join us for a presentation covering the basics of identifying, cracking, and cloning Mifare Classic cards followed by a practical workshop where you can watch how the attacks are done or try them out yourself. Finger food and drinks will be provided.

Equipment for those who wish to try it for themselves (not required if you just want to watch the demonstration):

- Linux OS: Unfortunately, the necessary programs for Mifare Classic hacking do not work on virtual machines due to the way the USB Controller is virtualized. For this reason, the programs need to be installed on Linux natively. The necessary Mifare Classic programs can be found here: https://github.com/yumjo/mcgui . The installation script has recently been tested on Ubuntu[masked] LTS.

- ACR122U USB NFC Reader: A reader that is known to work is https://www.amazon.de/KKmoon-Reader-Kontaktlose-Writer-ACR122U/dp/B00M2F21BM .

- Mifare Classic Cards/Tags with Writeable UIDs: The presenter will have some tags that people can use, but they can also be ordered from https://lab401.com/search?type=product&q=mifare+classic+uid+modifiable .

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