MUC:SEC meetup @ BMW

Öffentliche Gruppe

Alfred-Nobel-Straße 3

Alfred-Nobel-Straße 3 · Unterschleißheim

Wie du uns findest

- Public transport: Take the S1 to "Unterschleißheim". From there, it's a 10 minute walk. - Car: There are parking spots on the right hand side when you enter Alfred-Nobel-Straße. - Main entrance:

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18:00 Open Doors
18:30 "When Safety Meets Security" (Suchit, AID)
19:00 "Threat Modeling @ BMW EV" (Dawin, BMW)
19:30 Food/Drinks/Networking
21:30 Closing

!! !! IMPORTANT !! !! BMW Company Security requested the following !!

* Please send a PM to me (Darvin) including the following PII: givenname, surname, company name; we have to send the list of attendees to Security prior to the event; we don't process/store/sell/etc. any PII.

* Bring and show your driving license or a health insurance card to BMW Company Security to get entrance; ID card will not work.