The joys and trials of writing cross-platform C++ code - let tools help!

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This month we have the great pleasure to welcome Marc Goodner to our user group. Marc is a Program Manager on the C++ team at Microsoft. In that role he is has helped bring C++ support for remote Linux machines, local cross compiling for microcontrollers, and Azure Sphere support to Visual Studio. He regularly writes for the C++ team blog and speaks at conferences.

Abstract: Writing high-quality error-free C++ code is a challenging task, let alone when having to juggle multiple platforms at the same time! In this session we will be exploring the many challenges in cross-platform C++ development and how tools can help. What options do I have if my production environment is different than my dev-box? Can I be as productive when working with remote Linux machines? How can I efficiently build and debug CMake projects and how can I acquire open-source libraries? Come see what Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, CMake, WSL, Vcpkg and more have to offer to make your C++ development much easier in this demo-heavy talk.

19:00 — Official welcome with pizza
19:30 — Welcome by MVTech
19:45 — Lightning talk
20:00 — Main talk by Marc Goodner
21:15 — Open Discussions
22:00 — Official end