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    IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A PAID FOR EVENT SO TO BE FULLY REGISTERED PLEASE BUY A TICKET WITH THE LINK BELOW: http://www.gianthealthevent.com/#tile_registration_anchor The GIANT Health Event, 16-18 Nov 2016 - the largest, most valuable meeting place for the global health tech innovation community. As Steve Jobs said, ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’: this is not a “tech for tech’s” sake event- this is an event that brings ideas, technologies and people together and curates innovations that will translate to help people live better lives. Combining a conference, trade show, and consumer fair, GIANT showcases leading technologies, accelerates innovation and enhances commercial success in a uniquely inspirational and creative environment, and is the most important and main event within #HealthTechWeek (London: 14-21 November, 2016). Why attend GIANT? In a rapidly changing environment, the GIANT Health Event will help you learn about new initiatives, access the market early, and partner with the latest technology and healthcare providers: 1. Hear how genomics and precision medicine will power personalised health and smart diagnostics 2. Understand how open source development platforms like AppleResearch Kit and CareKit are opening the door to increased consumer participation in research 3. Moving beyond Big Data to Smart Data, learn how quantum computing can extract information from data and create intelligence from it too, increasing the utility of wearables in personalising health to consumer’s exact needs 4. Engage with leaders in digital health to develop effective “pill plus” solutions, drawing on human centred design and behavioural techniques to drive up patient outcomes and create better health, and better lives, for people 5. Understand the opportunities from the convergence of social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies to drive efficiencies and optimise health 6. Create partnerships with new entrants and disrupters that will change care delivery models, democratise medical education and enhance citizen participation in health prevention 7. Understand how social and technological innovation is driving community initiatives to tackle the social determinants of health 8. Get inspired by the latest developments and ideas from outside health, including aerospace, sport, financial and entertainment industries, that are using technology to deliver better customer value and experience 9. Learn about the latest development in telemedicine, home monitoring and smart technologies in IoT and smart homes that will help improve the lives of people with chronic long term conditions and ageing-related physical and cognitive decline 10. Understand innovations in retail healthcare, mHealth and mobile payment technology and microinsurance to deliver better care to more people To see announced speakers click here (http://www.gianthealthevent.com/speakers/) To see the detailed programme click here (http://www.gianthealthevent.com/programme/)

  • Journeys of Health-Tech Innovation: Product to market

    PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED TO REGISTER AND PAY TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/journeys-of-health-tech-innovation-product-to-market-evening-seminar-tickets-18990678631?aff=erelexporg) Event Details Introduction The "Health Tech Innovation COMMUNITY" is an international group of all those who are passionate about accelerating innovation in health-technology - therefore improving healthcare and well-being of citizens everywhere. We meet to learn and for business networking once per month in London with one expert guest speaker, and once per month in Cambridge. Please join us, and write to us with any suggestions you have for meeting themes, guest speakers, etc. Thank you, Barry Shrier, Founder, The Health-Tech Innovation LABS. [masked] ============== THE HEALTH-TECH INNOVATION LABS Journeys of Health-Tech Innovation: Product to market Sharing innovation journeys among healthcare technology innovators Date: Monday 30th November 2015 Time: 18:00 to 21:00 Host: Nabarro LLP 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AL http://www.nabarro.com/ Introduction The event will be hosted by international law firm Nabarro at their auditorium in The City, London. The theme is "Health-Tech innovation Journeys - getting product to market". Speakers from start-ups, established companies, investors, and healthcare buyers will all tell their stories of their journey, how they got their product to market, how they got their business funded and how the purchasing department worked with a business from first introduction to routine purchasing. Our host Nabarro will provide a speaker to tell a journey story from the legal perspective, such as: working with a health-tech innovation client from the early stages to successful international growth, highlighting key legal themes. This conference is a weekday evening event; from 5:30pm to 9:30pm on Monday 30th November. See our delegate registration page: http://bit.ly/delegates-registration-health-tech-journeys Agenda 30th November 2015: 17:30 registration and networking - teas & coffees served. 18:15 conference begins - welcome from chairman early stage entrepreneur: sharing journey- about the issues they are facing successful established entrepreneur: sharing their journey covering both the obstacles and achievement: product to market. large global healthcare corporate Investors: angels/ VC sharing the journey throughout the fundraising process Procurement (buyers) NHS/ retailers sharing the journey throughout the procurement process format: speech length depends on the topic and the speaker audiences can give comments and raise questions simultaneously when the speaker is on the stage through twitter between each main presentation, we may have 5 minutes sessions to introduce briefly companies from the audience have the speakers response to the comments and questions raised through twitter. Speakers 1. The Entrepreneurs’ journey: early stage entrepreneurs: mention about the issues they are facing successful entrepreneurs: talking about their journey covering both the obstacles and achievements 2. the journey of the large global healthcare corporate in health-tech innovation. 3. The Investor’s journey from discovering an opportunity to making the investment and beyond. angels VCs- talking about the fundraising journey 4. The Lawyer’s journey - Nabarro sharing an individual journey about their relationship with an health-tech innovation client 5. The buyer’s journey. The story of how a healthtech innovator becomes a supplier and generates income. NHS procurement department i.e. King’s hospital procurement retailers i.e. tesco, Boots, Lloyds... Event Sponsors Event Partners Nabarro Nabarro is a leading international law firm which particularly specialised in sectors including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Technology. From the most successful companies in the world to fast growth startups, Nabarro worked with a diverse range of clients across many sectors. Lansons Health Lanson Health helps healthcare clients develop opportunities to create better health in a fast-changing healthcare environment. The start-up works with the team at Lansons, tapping into their award- winning expertise in strategic consultancy, organisational change and reputation management in the corporate sector. Doctorpreneurs Doctorpreneurs provides an insight into the world of healthcare entrepreneurs and startups, inspiring and informing the next generation of medical entrepreneurs. INNOVATION SHOWCASE: A ‘trade fair’ format showcasing exciting, innovative health technology companies. Each business will have a table & pop-up stand, around the perimeter of the room, promoting their businesses. This is in the main room where delegates gather for each of the networking sessions during the conference. Who will benefit from this event? Medical professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, NHS managers, healthcare academics. Find new tools / services that could be of use 'on the job' Explore and promote their own ideas about innovation Health technology entrepreneurs with established businesses Promote their business Find investors, Recruitment Global corporates involved in healthcare: Pharma, IT Hardware, Software Stay updated on latest developments / innovations in MOBILE health-tech. learn from leading innovators - how disruptive will this be to big business? ​Investors: individual angel investors and institutional interested in healthcare and mobile Dealflow - meet companies looking to raise £ Meet other investors. Compare notes (investors often tell us this is an important ongoing issue) Those with health-tech ideas planning to launch a business Gain early validation about business idea Initial discussions with potential future investors Recruitment - find a co-founder ​Associated professionals in the industry. Patent attorneys, Accountants, consultants Keep abreast of industry developments Find potential clients Matchmaking for current clients