Sense_drink Berlin: Road to SenseCamp 2019

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► Tuesday 18th of June at 7.00pm
🍻 SenseDrink Berlin is back, just in time for Summer (!?)

Do YOU want to help organise the SenseCamp Berlin 2019?
Can't help, but have plenty of ideas?
Come join us!

Should we focus on supporting tech for good?
What's missing for Berlin's social entrepreneurs?
Is activism more important than entrepreneurship?
Berlin is already *Green* - how do we make the rest of Europe and the World go green too?

So many questions, so little focus!
Come help us figure it out and shape the next big event for the social entrepreneurship community in Berlin!

Can't remember why SenseCamps are cool?
Check last year's here:

We will welcome you from 7 pm! ✨

7:00 pm - Open doors
7:30 pm - Welcome - What is a SenseCamp?
8:00 pm - Brainstorming for themes
8:30 pm - Committing: what can you bring to the SenseCamp?
9:00 pm - Wrap-up, exchanging contacts and... drinks!

What are Sense_Drinks?
Informal get-togethers to meet and connect with social entrepreneurs and social business enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to meet like-minded people, discuss your social projects and startups, ask all your questions about social entrepreneurship and MakeSense, and learn how you can get involved with the Berlin hotspot.

What is MakeSense?
MakeSense is a worldwide community of passionate entrepreneurs, committed citizens and innovative organizations engaged in solving the most important social and environmental issues of our time. We provide our community with tailor-made support thanks to our global network and open-source toolkit to enable them to take concrete action to increase their positive impact.