Worum es bei uns geht

Whether you are from the computer science field, marketing field, business development field or a high school dropout with determination in learning and ideas exploring. This is the meetup for you! What we cover:

- Tutorials on online marketing, coding, digital marketing, online stock trading & etc.

- Hackathon (Occasionally)

- Idea Pitching Session (Do email me if you want to pitch an idea)

- Problem and Solution in a typical startup scene (from debugging to digital marketing.. you name it)

- Seeding Session (If there is a demand by the community)

- Casual Meetup for networking and discussion on Startup in Malaysia

Noted from Organizer:


My name is Joe Fendy, I'm your typically digital marketer and I've been working in industries such as E-commerce, Property, Entertainment, Fashion & Online Stock Trading. The area that I work on is usually on content marketing, data analysis, online advertising, creative designs and online community growth. Occasionally, web development and non native app development. My passion in innovative tech development and creative marketing strategies goes beyond the reach of of the unknown.

I'm very very excited to reach of those who have at least one of the interest as mention above. Beginners and Professionals are welcome to this group

Rules in this group are yet to be written down. Lets just see who things goes first :) Of course, no insurance, MLM or any sort during the session of the meetup.

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