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‭Mappy Hour is a monthly meet-up for you to learn the tools you need to plan, prepare, get you outside, and also connect you with a network that has the same interests. ‬

Want to learn how to kayak? You're sure to meet someone who's out on the water every weekend. Planning your first backpacking trip? There's definitely someone drinking a beer next to you who's hiked through a national forest.

Meet cool people who want to do cool things and get tips from their fellow outdoor-lovers in Bentonville.

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Mappy Hour Bike Packing Overnighter

Lawrence Plaza

We were so inspired by September’s Mappy Hour NWA guest speakers' Bikepacking journeys that we needed to try it out! We’re in it for the adventure and meeting new friends who enjoy exploring the beauty of our region. No experience required! Pack your own gear. Bring your own snacks. Get hyped for an unforgettable adventure. 90 miles round trip. 80% gravel roads. 1 night of camping. If you’d like to adventure with us, please reserve a spot by Thursday, 10/10.

Backcounty Avaition in the Ozarks

Louise at Thaden Field

Bush planes in Arkansas? Accessing remote places by aircraft has a long and obvious history. Even today bush planes are used to access sites in remote or un-improved regions of the world like Alaska or Papua New Guinea, but why does Arkansas need bush planes? Given the special combination of topography and amazing destinations in the Ozarks, and the work of some dedicated backcountry aviation enthusiasts, the romance and thrill of this special type of travel is flourishing right here. Learn how flying in the Ozarks can maximize your outdoor adventure experience. Join Mappy Hour NWA and Pilot Rusty Coonfield to learn more about backcountry aviation here in North West Arkansas.

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Mappy Hour NWA: Bikepacking Gear & The Arkansas High Country Race


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