Understanding spaces through mapping

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Hello Maptimers!

Happy Summer! Come cool down with a refreshing new Maptime session. We will be learning about how to create maps for working with scientists, how to use a free tool that allows you to create figure-ground diagram posters, as well as look at a tool that lets you find places in Berlin that are as far away as possible from a street, and more! Bring yourself and your map loving friends and come hang out with us. :)

Here is the line up:


Maps for Scientists (Annette Günzel)

The three departments of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History needed a map for their publications. They asked me to make them a single map including content from all three departments. But sometimes what’s needed is a map for working, not for publication, to help understand and discuss the information displayed.

In this talk, I’ll present what I have learned in my practical experience working with scientists and show two different mapping solutions I have used to assist academics in their work.

Annette Günzel is a freelance infographist who creates scientific graphics. From posters, to maps, to cover illustrations - she uses images and technical writing to summarize and structure her clients’ knowledge.

You can view some examples of her work here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gm9oKMIF-QFnDE609GGbL7l0SSdevS77/view


Creating diagram posters and finding quiet Berlin streets (Hans Hack)

Hans Hack (@hnshck) is a data visualizer, map maker and artist. He will present two recent project of his:

Figuregrounder is a free tool that lets you create figure-ground diagram
posters https://hanshack.com/figuregrounder/

'Retreats from Berlin's streets' lets you find places in Berlin that are as far away possible from a street. http://hanshack.com/rueckzugsorte/


Fabian Dinklage (@fdnklg) is going to talk about an ongoing project on visualising bike sharing data from Berlin. He is going to give us a look behind the scenes and his approach using the WebGL powered https://kepler.gl/ tool.


Tool time: Continuing our knowledge sharing section, Sebastian @seb_meier is going to share two simple approaches for creating randomly distributed points and exemplary mapping projects for this mapping technique.


As always, we invite anyone who is interested in the world of mapping to attend our Meetup, especially beginners!

Thanks to our sponsor "Büro am Draht (https://dasburo.com/)" we will also have some snacks and drinks for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!