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Inspirational Movies Sunday.

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Hi beautiful souls!

My name is Viveka, & I am sometimes hosting a meditation in Frankfurt and surrounding area.

I will teach you different meditation techniques (& Yoga) from all over the world, and people interested in spirituality can get to know each other..

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and learning from you.

Thanks for joining this great event!

You are welcome to suggest our Meditation MeetUp topics or Meeting places and Times in advance.

I personally can talk and give instructions on many many kinds of meditation or spiritual techniques worldwide.

You are also welcome to show us any meditation techniques that you know or practice, so every group member may learn more and we widen our knowledge and understanding.

You can also organize your own meditation group here if you like. Just put up a Meetup event on this website in this Meetup Group, and if you have any questions, you can contact me and ask me any time anything.


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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar