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Local Multiplayer-Abend in der Fabelfabrik
Wir spielen alte und neue Games & freuen uns über spannende Spieletipps. Vorhanden: PC, Switch, Wii U, AirConsole und natürlich: die Arcade Machine! Kosten: Kollekte


Buristrasse 53 · Bern

Worum es bei uns geht

This group purpose is to discuss and share on the creative process of games, stories and experience on all platform (PC, Console, Boardgame, Books...).

We will discuss topics such as game design, story writing, art, music, world building... It will also be an opportunity to share your ideas and creation as well as meet, get together, network, play some games and hopefully, create a strong community.

With this group we also hope to foster interdisciplinary networking and by mixing discussion and talents from different backgrounds (graphic, music, theater, writer, programmers, gamers...)

Please note we will do an effort to do the events in a language that everyone can understand though some discussion/presentation could be held in german, french or english.

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