Performance Analysis and Call Tracing in microservice environments

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On Thursday the 30th June we are inviting all interested to join a talk about Microservices by Martin Gutenbrunner from Dynatrace and Bora Tunca from Soundcloud.

We assemble at 18:30 pm and the talk "Availability Objectives of SoundCloud’s Microservices" starts at 18:50 pm until 19:15 pm followed by "Performance Analysis and Call Tracing in microservice environments" until 20:15 pm. Afterwards we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages.

Ligthning talk, abstract:

In a microservices architecture, different services usually have different availabilities. It is often hard to see how the availability of a single service affects the availability of the overall system. Without a clear idea about the availability requirements of individual services, even a seemingly subtle degradation of a service can cause a critical outage. Unfortunately these are discovered only after thorough post-mortems. At SoundCloud we kicked off a project called “Availability Objectives”. An availability objective is the minimum availability a service is allowed to have. These objectives are calculated based on the requirements of the clients of those services. We started by visiting all of our services and setting an availability objective for each of them. We built tools to expose the availability of these services and to flag the ones that drop below their objectives. As a result, we can now make informed decisions about the integration points we need to improve first. This talk will share the insights we gained via this project and how it affected our overall availability and engineering productivity.


Bora is a software developer at SoundCloud. He started his journey there two and a half years ago. As a generalist, he has worked on various parts of their architecture. Nowadays he is part of the Core Engineering, where he helps to build and integrate the core business services of SoundCloud. When he's not juggling various languages, he's playing basketball - as long as someone on the team covers his on-call shifts...

Twitter: @GrandBora (

Main talk, abstract:

Performance analysis can easily be done with on-board tools of nearly any programming language. In microservice environments, the real challenge is not in single, high-performing services, but in resiliently running a complex ecosystem of many services.This talk will introduce open-source tools for analysis and call tracing. Concluding, we will briefly get to know Dynatrace Ruxit - a commercial alternative. After this session, the audience will know about how to get started in performance analysis and call-tracing and some according tools.


Martin is Tech Lead for Microservices and Azure in the Dynatrace Innovation Lab. Before joining Dynatrace, he worked as a lead software developer and architect - mainly on Java web applications - for about a decade. While he's passionate about software architecture on his job, he loves spending time with family and friends, tinkering with his house, running and binge watching.