Self-Service Microservices Monitoring

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On Tuesday the 26th September we are inviting all interested to join a talk about Self-Service Microservices Monitoring by Max Inden from RedHat.

We assemble at 18:30 pm and we start the talk from Max on "Self-Service Microservices Monitoring" at 19:00. Afterwards we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages.


Monitoring plays a crucial role in a microservice architecture.
Restricting the management and configuration of the monitoring stack to
the operations team results in workflow bottlenecks. Instead one could
provide a self-service monitoring platform, enabling each team to easily
setup monitoring for their applications and customize it to their needs.
This gives each team the ability to deeply introspect their application,
benchmark new features and alert on failures on their own.

The talk will show hands-on how to achieve the above on Kubernetes via
the Prometheus Operator leveraging the Prometheus systems and service
monitoring project. By the end of this talk, one will be ready to try
self-service monitoring in their own Kubernetes infrastructure.


Max is a software developer at Red Hat and member of the upstream
Prometheus project, working both on Prometheus and Kubernetes.
Previously hacking on data quality analysis, he decided to stop
suppressing his interest for distributed systems at scale and joined
CoreOS (now Red Hat).

Twitter: @MxInden (
GitHub: @MxInden (