Microservices Meetup Munich - October

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We will meet at 6:30pm at Einstein Kultur with drinks and pizza.

The talks starts at 7pm and will be in English.

You need to be this tall to use MicroServices by Matthias Laug

After the talks we have time for drinks and conversations.


There is a short article from Martin Fowler about how tall you need to be to do MicroServices. Making those kind of statements is important, since we see a lot of MicroService envy in the industry of people failing miserably because they wanted to adept early while not understanding the prerequisites. While I totally agree with his made points I must call it incomplete. MicroServices ain't just a technology decision. In my opinion it is first of all a cultural decision. Developers minds get blown if they need to think in tiny single purpose applications as part of a bigger complete system which is in constant movement and micro management ain't doing good here. The talk aims to introduce some key drivers for a good culture that fits the MicroService architecture. Will I mention Conway's Law? Sure I do!


Matthias Laug studied computer science at TU Berlin and majored in artificial intelligence. In 2010 he joined the founding team of Lieferando (https://www.lieferando.de/) as CTO and became the CTO from takeaway.com (http://takeaway.com/) since the acquisition last year. Since then he put the application through multiple architectural evolutions; current one is the adoption of Micro Services. Matthias is born and raised in the Ruhrgebiet (Datteln) and if you like it or not is a great supporter of Schalke04, still loves coding after 10 years and enjoys using cutting edge technologies.


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