Microservices Meetup Munich - Observability

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We will meet at 6:30pm at Einstein Kultur with drinks and pizza.

The talk starts at 7pm and will be in English

Boyan Dimitrov: Microservices and Observability: building the foundations

After the talk we have time for drinks and conversations.


Holistic monitoring, request tracing, application instrumentation, business SLAs are all integral parts of today’s technical stacks. Nevertheless many teams decide to integrate them last which makes it an almost impossible challenge - especially if you have to deal with hundreds and thousands of services. Therefore starting early is essential and in this talk we are going to see how we can solve those challenges early and explore the foundations of building a microservices platform in respect to observability.


Boyan is the Director of Platform Engineering at Sixt where he is working on global scale cloud-based microservices ecosystem. Prior to that he was the Platform Automation Lead at Hailo where he worked on the transition from a monolith system to a microservices architecture with over 250 services based on Golang.

For almost a decade Boyan has been helping businesses build next generation cloud architectures and high-performance teams. He is specialising in distributed systems, highly-scalable applications and cloud automation. An AWS Community Hero, he has been contributing to various open source projects helping the community adopt cloud technologies.

Twitter: @nathariel


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