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If things don’t change, it could take 268 years to achieve global gender parity in economic participation and opportunity!

Mind the Gap is a registered nonprofit e.V. group, and we're building a financial education platform with events in Germany, Poland and beyond.

We all have different types of goals, lifestyles, ambitions, worries and ideas – but we have one thing in common: we want to know more about finance, wealth management, leadership and financial freedom.

You may have heard that women face pay discrepancies. (18% in Germany!) Did you also know that pay gaps leave us with lifetime pension and wealth gaps? It's time for women to own their financial futures! 

### close the pension gap

### close the pay gap

### close the wealth gap

### close the leadership gap

### close the investment gap

### close the innovation and entrepreneurship gap

We host a series of networking events, seminars and workshops. Everyone is welcome at the all the events. We love new members and hope you will benefit from this group!
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We need supporters and sponsors, so if you want to get more involved, please get in touch: hallo@mindthegaphub.com

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Stories, Knowledge, Fears and Failures -- Insights Into Leadership

Weinbergsweg 24

Thirty podcast episodes, more than thirty leaders… and hundreds of tips, ideas and stories.

You’ll hear all about it at the next Mind The Gap event!

Darya Kamkalova launched Venturing Women less than 1,5 years ago to inspire women to build businesses, and it quickly became much more than a podcast. With a team of volunteers, Darya also supports fundraising campaigns of female founders, features women entrepreneurs in the data space, hosts events, and more.

She will share knowledge collected from her guests as well as her own journey of building Venturing Women. We’ll examine what opportunities you can unlock as a content creator and a creative mind.

Beyond being a podcast host, Darya is a data industry professional, startup mentor, speaker and co-owner of a craft beer bar Manifest Taproom in Berlin.

Join us for snacks, drinks and insightful conversations!


18:10-18:30: Open Doors
18:30-19:10: Welcome and Presentation
19:10-19:25: Q&A
19:25-20:05: Networking, Drinks & Food
20:05-20:15: Closing Remarks

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Mind the Gap Spring 2023 Live Event

Liane Event Space