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Guided Evening Meditation -Nyon - Méditation guidée du soir
Evening meditation & contemplation at the lake.

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Calling all nature lovers living around Nyon to join us for an hour on Monday and Friday Mornings, and get empowered to start, or conclude, your week on a positive side. The group meets to inspire, invigorate, and create positive change through self-awareness, positive affirmations, guided meditation, mindfulness, powerful visualization techniques and the practice of relaxing, energy building exercises..., and much much more.
We meet on Monday mornings to create opportunity to take time out, reconnect with self, reflect on life, and share what we want to share in confidence and trust. Meditating together in open air, in the vicinity of Chéserex village, and other natural locations around Nyon, is a special experience that gives you a real boost for the day, and motivation to continue energized and positive life when you are alone, at work, or in other situations that are significant for you.

Nous invitons tous les individus passionés de la nature, qui vivent autour de Nyon, à nous rejoindre pendant une heure le lundi, et le vendredi matin, pour commencer, ou conclure, votre semaine sur un plan positif. Le groupe se réunit pour inspirer, fortifier et créer un changement positif interne et externe, grâce à la conscience de soi, aux affirmations positives, à la méditation guidée, à la pleine conscience, aux puissantes techniques de visualisation et à la pratique de relaxation, exercices énergétiques ... et bien plus encore.

Nous nous rencontrons le lundi matin pour créer l'occasion de prendre du temps, de renouer avec soi-même, de réfléchir à la vie et de partager ce que nous voulons partager en toute confiance. Méditer ensemble en plein air, dans le voisinage du village de Chéserex, et d'autres endroits naturels autour de Nyon, est une expérience spéciale qui vous donne un réel coup de pouce pour la journée et la motivation pour continuer une vie active et positive pour votre vie privée, au travail, ou dans d'autres situations importantes pour vous.

Notre activité est toujours adaptée aux conditions météorologiques et à l'expérience de nos participants.

We also meet on Friday mornings and Thursday afternoons for Walking Meditation in nature. Our activity is always adapted to the weather conditions and our participant's experience.

Some of our members prefer to have a one-on-one session, and I encourage you to contact me if this is your preference as well.

On Friday mornings, we practice, Mindfulness, Stillness, Gratitude to allow busy mind and spirit to calm down, become at ease with who we are, and begin appreciate and enjoy life in every way.

Our members are always welcome to propose different locations, timing, and other ideas - even to share their newly discovered feel-good exercise.

During the year, we are exploring the practices of Mindfulness, Loving-Kindness, natural meditation, Davidji and other guided meditations, Qi Gong stretching exercises, Shiatsu heating-up, and many other ways of healing/energizing our body and mind. The length of each meditation varies with environmental temperature and experience of our members. We meet every week on Monday from 9:00 to 10am.

There is no cost but donations accepted gratefully. This is an informal group and you are welcome to join. MMN is facilitated and was founded by Anita Korinsek-Porta, a counselor and coach at CounselingPlanet.com , and Délphine Ormyron, Shiatsu Somatic therapist. Each member can be a facilitator of our morning meditation. We welcome new knowledge, techniques, ideas and courage.

What we value most - is sharing the positive experience in nature, yet - we never get wet under the rain.

We find meditation is way of being open and accepting with a non-judgmental curious awareness. This effortless way of being creates a foundation for living more fully in our work, family life, relationships and all the other ways we move through life. With the help of the great wisdom teachings and our diverse community encounters we learn to create a wise and compassionate space within ourselves in which to view our whole existence with openness and kindness.

Certains de nos membres préfèrent avoir une séance en tête-à-tête, et je vous encourage à me contacter si cela vous convient également.

Le vendredi matin, nous pratiquons, la Pleine Conscience, le Calme, la Gratitude pour permettre à l'esprit de se calmer, de devenir à l'aise avec qui nous sommes, et commencer à apprécier la vie et notre entourage.

Nos membres sont toujours invités à proposer différents lieux, horaires et autres idées - même pour partager leur nouvel exercice pour le bien-être.

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