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Welcome to everybody, the intent of this group is to highlight and connect the best events you can actively join in Moscow: sports, languages and parties.

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Saturday International Meetup

Ресторан Montis' Friends | Павелецкая

Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2561255567292704/ Special Day, special party! December is a crazy month, everybody running... Work, deadlines, presents, holiday planning... So, we broke our 'Friday Night' tradition to offer something unique, to relax, socialize, have fun and party on a day totally free from work and duties ;) Come, on Saturday 14 December, from 19:00, to enjoy the best international atmosphere, and the best music at Montis 2.0 in Valovaya street 26, close to Paveletskaya Metro station. The venue promised us all the space we need for our big crowd, fantastic discounts (30% on the whole menu, drinks and food, all night long with the FREE party wristband) and great music starting smooth from 21:30 and getting to party level a little later. For you to know, many of the DJs playing at Montis 2.0 are playing also in some of most popular Moscow clubs... Gipsy, Mummiy Troll etc. What to do? Usual system: at the entrance say to the hostess the password: INTERNATIONAL, you'll get a wristband FOR FREE, and you'll be shown how to find our group and our reserved area. The wristband will give you right to discounts on drinks and food from the beginning of the event all night long and access to the reserved area for our group. For further info about the event, check MIE - Moscow International Events page. Or join the Whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BazBnAJeSfHFS5wB3QoKJ4 Be sure to join the FB event clicking going, to be in the guest list... See you on Saturday, 14.12, for an epic international night!

Xmas International PentaParty

pentahotel Moscow, Arbat

Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/476769026527378/ This year we'll celebrate Christmas in European Style! It's not a secret that this is a family holiday, and our MIE family will celebrate it at its best, last Friday before Christmas, in order to invite all people, expats and locals, before they leave to celebrate it with their families. To make it happen we chose the Christmas fully decorated Penta Hotel Lounge Bar, after the success of our first event there, also because Penta is a german company, fitting the concept of european Christmas we want for this event. If you forgot what a PentaParty is, here are the 5 keypoints: - Excellent location, central, classy, comfortable, beautiful. - International meet-up, multicultural guests (start at 19:00). - Exclusive venue, couches, billiard, playstation, bar/restaurant. - PartyTime and dance area with an international DJ from 22:30. - All-in-one, meet-up, chill-out, dance, in a place ALL for our group. We'll start at 19:00, straight after work, and we'll have our meet-up, chat & get acquainted program! FREE entrance with the password INTERNATIONAL, how to join? Simple, get to New Arbat 15, take the elevator to get to the Third Floor of PentaHotel, the 'PentaLounge'. Once there, outside the elevator say the password and get the MIE wristband for special offers (drinks and food) for our guests, and enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere, to make new friends, socialize and enjoy a great Friday night together! As mentioned the event is totally free, the place is reserved for our group, and we have a program, starting from 19:00 till late night! Both, relax and fun, a beautiful view to the city center and everything made our events a must in Moscow: friendly international atmosphere. For further info about the event, check MIE - Moscow International Events page (https://www.facebook.com/pg/MIE.Moscow.International.Events/) we'll provide more details closer to the event. Be sure to join, to be in the guest list... See you on Friday, 20.12!

International VIP Pre-NYE 2020

Soho Event Hall by Soho Family

Link to FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/520136298716439/ Entrance 500 roubles (cash at the door) - 1 welcome drink included. Password: INTERNATIONAL. FC/DC: light 19:00/21:00, strict 21:00/00:30. This year our traditional Pre-NYE party will be held for the first time at Soho Rooms. In 2019 our international community became much bigger and we introduced many new venues and events, so, we decided to keep the most classy and exclusive one for the last event of the year. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet all together, to say goodbye to those leaving for holidays, or, for those staying in Moscow, to plan how to spend NYE together... Definitely something not to miss ;) Party plan: there will be, for our MIE group, lighter FC/DC (dress code: formal, long sleeves shirts, classic shoes, no sport shoes/clothes) from 19:00 till 21:00 and strict from 21:00 till 00:30. The entrance fee with the password 'INTERNATIONAL' will be just 500 rub. per person from 19:00 to 00:30 and it will include a compliment from the bar. The plan is to gather first at the bar of Soho Rooms, from 19:00, socialize, get acquainted, practice languages in a classy and exclusive environment with the usual positive and friendly atmosphere that characterizes all of our MIE events. The pool terrace will open at 22:00 and that's the place that will host both the dance area and the show, while we'll keep the bar area downstairs for us for the whole night as a chill-out area. Our password will work just till 00:30, but you're strongly advised to come starting from 19:00 and not later than 21:00 to get advantage of the light Face/Dress control agreement with the club. After the entrance, you'll be welcomed by the hostess, say to her the password, pay cash for the entrance ticket and you'll be given a MIE wristband, a free drink card, and shown how to find our group! We'll gather around the bar, and then on the pool terrace. For booking tables contact us: https://www.facebook.com/MIE.Moscow.International.Events/ Don't even think to miss the International VIP, be international, be smart, have fun with the best people the whole night!

International Party 2020 - Welcome Back

Lookin Rooms

Link to FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/566702514121364/ [masked] - Mark the date, because the first big international event of 2020 is waiting for us on that day! It will be a 'welcome back' party for all foreigners and locals that left during Christmas and New Year's holidays, and a great opprtunity to socialize, meet new friends or simply enjoy the positive atmosphere that always fulfills our International Party. We'll have as always our meet-up, chat & get acquainted program from 19:00 and we won't leave back the holidays that just ended... On the contrary, we'll keep a fully decorated environment, to keep the relaxation and good mood of those days in our event! A special guest DJ will make us enjoy it fully, so don't miss this event ;) The venue won't change, there will be a mandatory password (INTERNATIONAL) that will work all night to get the FREE bracelet (wristband) for the special discounts and access to our area. Where? Lookin Rooms Club, just outside the metro Pushkinskaya on Tversakaya street 18. The party is going to start at 19:00, where we'll have the tables in the main dancehall reserved for our people to meet and have a nice chat together till 22:30, then the dance music will start, and we'll all dance and party internationally ;) Since we're guests in one of the best clubs in Moscow, we are kindly asking you to dress well, look smart, no backpacks or sport clothes. We advise you to not be late, since after 22:00 there's a strict FC/DC and JUST after 22:30 a deposit (1000r. per person, to be spent at the party) might be required in order to enter if the club is already full. We start at 19:00 and don't forget to have your passport or your national ID in original with you. Follow these simple advices and you'll have a great experience, in a friendly and nice environment, all night long. So, FREE ENTRANCE. To participate don't forget the wristband, say the password 'INTERNATIONAL' just AFTER the entrance, at the welcome desk, the password and the wristband system will work all night long, for the discounts on drinks and food and to recognize and be recognized by other our guests. Here the list of specials for our group from 19:30: Beer draught (500ml) 250r. Rum cola, Gin tonic, Vodka cola, Whisky cola, Vodka tonic 300r. Don't even think to miss that party, be international, be smart, have fun the whole night!

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