Cassandra Day and Evening Meetup! (@Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin)

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DataStax are very pleased to invite you to come and learn about Apache Cassandra™ at Fraunhofer FIT’s very own Birlinghoven Castle in Sankt Augustin.

Date: Monday 16th September

Fraunhofer FIT have been using Cassandra for a number of years and have very kindly agreed to host us for this event, which consists of two parts. Please note: you are free to attend both the Cassandra Day and the Cassandra Meetup, or just one. If attending both sessions please register for each session separately.

Both sessions will be held in English. Please register using the links provided.


PART 1: Cassandra DAY - 9:30am - 16:45pm

This full day workshop from DataStax will teach you how to be awesome with C* and is a great place to start your Cassandra journey. The workshop consists of three sessions: Core Cassandra, Data Modeling and Application Development.

Session I: Core Cassandra:
Want to know about Cassandra from the ground up? This friendly session assumes no prior knowledge and explains the fundamentals in terms we can all understand. Learn how Cassandra works and what kinds of problems you can solve with it.

Session II: Data Modelling:
Want to be successful with Cassandra? Your data model is the single biggest factor!
Learn how Cassandra data modeling differs from traditional relational data modeling. Know how to create data models that scale effectively as your system grows.

Session III: App Development:
A lone database isn’t useful. Applications leveraging the data is where value kicks in. In this session, learn how to build applications such using DataStax drivers to interface with your database. We also cover best practices to keep your code running smoothly




The Cassandra Community comes to Fraunhofer FIT! Join us after the Cassandra Workshop to hear from the Fraunhofer FIT team about their experience in using Apache Cassandra™, as well as getting a sneak peak into the features coming to the Cassandra 4.0 release later this year.

Don’t worry - if you are not planning on attending the Cassandra Day workshop but would like to attend the evening meetup, you can!

Talk 1: Fraunhofer FIT Experience with Apache Cassandra™, - by Fraunhofer FIT

Fraunhofer FIT has used Apache Cassandra for storage and processing of data in research projects in the personal health area. Another application field is the website analysis area. Demos and experiences with Apache Cassandra will be presented in this session

Talk 2: What is New in Cassandra 4.0? - by DataStax

It is time to take a look at the planned features and some of the changes warranting a major version change in the form of Cassandra 4.0!.


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