SAVE THE DATE - How IoT fosters product innovation

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We are happy to announce our next Meetup. This evening we will talk about how Data and IoT based approaches can foster innovation and product development.
We are still working on the final details of the agenda and the presentations, but this is what we have on our minds:
- 18:30h - Get together
- 19:00h - Welcome
- 19:05h - Case Study - presented by Steelcase
- 19:30h - Simplifying IoT - presented by Microsoft
- 19:50h - Designing IoT Ecosystems - presented by Magnify Innovation
- 20:05h - Q&A and Networking
- 21:00h - End of Meetup Session

What you can expect:
IoT as source for product innovation - Lisa Glassner, Steelcase
As a manufacturer of office furniture, Steelcase deals with the topics of modern working methods and working environments. Technology has always influenced people's behaviour at work and contributed significantly to decisive changes. Today, there is no company that can ignore the new challenges and opportunities.
At a company that was founded more than 100 years ago, we are also strongly concerned with what technological change means for us as a company and as part of our network of customers, partners and suppliers. The topic IoT for buildings and workspaces creates a stronger visibility of the efficiency of these tools for companies and their employees. Many decision-makers are unsure which workspaces are needed and how flexible they need to be. Modern sensor technology and data analysis allow well-founded decisions to be made and better solutions to be developed.

About Lisa Glassner
Together with her team, Lisa Glassner (Regional VP, Global Client Collaboration) develops innovative workplace solutions for globally positioned customers in Europe. With her experience in various management functions and industries, she combines different approaches and ways of thinking with a strong focus on holistic approaches that can be put into practice.

Simplyfying IoT - Philip Derbyshire, Microsoft
In this session Philip will present the Microsoft approach to simplifying IoT, provide insights into how these technologies can most effectively be implemented and what you need to consider when planning an IoT solution.

About Philip Derbyhire
Philip is an architect for the Internet of Things at the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich. In this role he supports customers and partners to understand and apply our Microsoft IoT technologies through architectural design sessions and hands-on workshops.

Designing IoT Ecosystems - Dr. Tobias Adam, Magnify Innovation
This session is all about designing IoT plattforms and ecosystems. Tobias will provide some insights into a technology and industry neutral approach which combines selected innovation methodologies and IoT specific tools.

About Dr. Tobias Adam
Tobias is one of the founders and managing director of Magnify Innovation. He is responsible for portfolio development and enabling customers to systematically address various challenges e.g. business modell innovation, digital transformation or designing IoT plattforms.