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Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions. Any skill level is welcome; we’re all new to Kubernetes and we want to create an open, welcoming environment for other Kubernauts. Please submit your talk via https://www.papercall.io/munich-k8s-meetup (https://www.papercall.io/ams-k8s-meetup)

Learn more about Kubernetes at http://kubernetes.io

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Building blocks of Knative & Running databases on K8s

Hi Kubernauts, Our next Meetup in München will take place on 9th Mai @inovex. Agenda: 6:30pm - Welcome 7:00 pm - Johannes Scheuermann & Hendrik Still 7:30 pm - Denis Rosa 8:00 pm - Food, drinks & networking If you are interested to hold a talk, please submit your talk via https://www.papercall.io/munich-k8s-meetup ************************************************ Johannes Scheuermann, inovex "Building blocks of Knative" Knative is a fairly new Open Source project that extends Kubernetes for serverless workloads. Knative was started by Google and some other big companies like SAP and Pivotal. In this talk Johannes and Hendrik will guide you through the three building blocks of Knative, build, serving and eventing. Furthermore, we will show you how you can use each block independent and how to put them together to build a serverless platform or make the life of your developers easier. About Johannes: Johannes Scheuermann has been working as a Cloud Platform Engineer at inovex since 2014. His daily work involves innovative technologies and topics all around the modern data center environment, like Kubernetes, immutable infrastructure and – quite obviously – cloud platforms. Amongst other things Johannes supported the construction of the waipu.tv platform for EXARING and multiple big Kubernetes platforms for 1&1 Internet (web.de, GMX etc.) in a leading role. About Hendrik: Hendrik Still is an Application Developer at inovex since 2014. He develops and engineers application services. Besides, he loves building deployment pipelines to allow fast development cycles and deploy to production with confidents. His preferred deployment target for his Microservices is a well-managed Kubernetes cluster. ************************************************ Denis Rosa, Couchbase "Running Databases on Kubernetes" Developers always expected databases to work out-of-the-box, but historically it is the exact opposite. With Statefulsets and Operators, Database Providers can finally provide a fully managed experience to developers without a cloud provider Lock-in. In this session, I will talk about some of the most popular database's operators out there, show a demo of the Couchbase's Operator, share a little bit of what we have learned while building it, and what are some of the current challenges and limitations. ************************************************ See you there.

ContainerDays 2019 - 20% Community Discount

Australiastraße (Hafenmuseum)

All sails set for ContainerDays 2019! From June 24–26, the European container community will gather again in Hamburg for three days full of container craziness. For our community we have a special discount code (#CDS19_COMMUNITY) you get 20% of the current tickets price. Which means that if you order a ticket until March 31st, you get 20% off the Early Bird Special. But you better be quick, the community tickets are limited to 50. https://pretix.eu/ConDays/19/ Just like last year, ContainerDays will be loaded with exciting talks, hands-on workshops, great speakers and lots of opportunities to meet like-minded container enthusiasts. We have somethings for everyone. Our topics range from Container Technologies & Tooling, CI/CD & DevOps to Microservices & Distributed Applications. Join us and get inspired!

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