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GlusterFS for OpenShift application storage & Making Helm 2 Secure and Scalable
Hi Kubernauts, Join us for our next MeetUp in Munich on November 15th @ ConSol! This time we've got two great speakers for you: Elvir Kuric and Rimas Mocevicius. Agenda: 6:00 pm - Admission & Welcome 7:00 pm - Rimas Mocevicius 7:30 pm - Elvir Kuric 8:00 pm - Food & Drinks & Networking *************************************************************************** Rimas Mocevicius, JFrog "Making Helm 2 Secure and Scalable with Rimas Mocevicius" Rimas will talk about some of the core security issues related to a new component in Helm 2. In Helm 2, a server-side component "Tiller" was added. Tiller is an in-cluster server that interacts with the Helm client, and interfaces with the Kubernetes API server. There are core security issues related to Tiller in Helm 2. Hence, in the recent Helm Summit, the community decided to vote for a Tiller-less Helm in v3. The question to ask is how to make Helm 2 more secure given that v3 is planned for some time next year. Join Rimas Mocevicius, Co-Founder of Helm, to learn how you can make Helm 2 more secure and scalable. About Rimas: Rimas Mocevicius is big Open Source supporter. He Co-founded Helm and wrote CoreOS Essentials book. Rimas is working at JFrog as a Senior Developer. **************************************************************************** Elvir Kuric, Red Hat "Use GlusterFS for OpenShift application storage" It will be presented how to use GlusterFS with Openshift. Best practices for application and registry pods. Special focus will be on configuration and scale / performance part. About Elvir: Elvir Kuric works for Red Hat, he is member of Perf/Scale team working on performance and scaling problems related to OpenShift Container Platform ( OCP ) ******************************************************************************* If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. See you there!

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