From a DIY bare metal api to K8s & Networking operations with Cumulus NetQ

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Hi Kubernauts,

Our next Meetup in München will take place on 24th September @x-cellent.

6:30pm - Welcome
7:00 pm - Gerrit Schwerthelm, x-cellent technologies GmbH
7:30 pm - Andreas La Quiante, Cumulus Networks
8:00 pm - Food, drinks & networking

Gerrit Schwerthelm, x-cellent technologies GmbH

"Our journey from a DIY bare metal api to Kubernetes as a Service"

In this talk we present the current state of a 10 month journey where we
built a bare metal api by our own as groundwork for kubernetes as a

The bare metal api is build with performance of
delivery and ease of use in mind. We also focused on using the the
most recent datacenter networking technologies like "routing to the
host" and evpn running on open source switches with 100GB/s bandwith.
As a result, we can create new physical machines with our API in the
same time as cloud providers take for virtual machines.
On top of that, the kubernetes cluster api SAP Gardener was adopted,
to create kubernetes clusters within minutes in a self service fashion.

You may expect the following topics to be addressed:
* what adoptions are necessary to implement a new cloud provider within SAP Gardener?
* a demo with a kubernetes cluster starting in a fastly manner and being accessible from the internet
* an overview of components that are already publicly available

This is a follow-up of the talk given in january about "Network design for a bare metal cloud":


Andreas La Quiante, Cumulus Networks

"Realtime networking operations and monitoring with Cumulus NetQ"

In the second talk Andreas will dive into the topic of operating and monitoring network stacks with NetQ which runs on K8s.

He will explain its architecture, available agents for linux systems and give a demo where the tracing capabilities between network nodes is shown.

See you there.