Duel of the Giants – Entity Framework vs. EF Core

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This event will be held at INNOQ, just a few steps away from Sendlinger Tor!

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Many developers have been using Entity Framework for years now. With Entity Framework Core, everything started on a new ground and many things have improved, but still some things are missing. Time to sum it up and compare the classical Entity Framework with the stylish new Entity Framework Core.
With .NET Core 3.0 you have the possibility to choose between many new things—do you want to use WPF with the new Entity Framework Core? Or do you write a new ASP.NET Core Application with the "old" Entity Framework 6? Or should you rewrite everything, so you kick out Entity Framework 6 and replace it with Entity Framework Core?... or should you combine both frameworks?
Many questions and we will look in this session at both topics, to solve as many questions as possible.

About the speaker:
Christian Giesswein studied Business Informatics in Vienna and has been developing with .NET since he was a child. He has been speaking for years in the German area about .NET, the CLR and especially about WPF. In Austria he founded his company "Giesswein Software-Solutions" (www.software.tirol) and is developing software in the Austrian Alps.

• 18:00 - Doors open - event starts! Grab a piece of pizza and a drink!

• 18:30 - Christian Giesswein will talk about the Duel of the Giants

• 19:30 - Questions / Discussion with Christian

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Attention: We will record this Meetup on video. This is for the purpose of sharing the presentation with other members that cannot join the event (i.e. legitimate interests). Whilst you will most likely not be seen on camera, your voice might heard if you ask questions.