.NET Conf: Focus on Blazor (watch party)


.NET Conf: Focus on Blazor is a free, one-day livestream event that features speakers from the community and .NET product teams that are working on building web apps with C# and Blazor.

You don't need to use JavaScript anymore with Blazor technology! Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript.

• 17:30 - Doors Open, grab a drink, eat some pizza and sneak peek at the welcome note!
• 18:00 - Blazor Futures (WebAssembly, PWAs, Hybrid, Native) by Steve Sanderson
• 18:40 - Routing A-Z by Chris Sainty
• 19:20 - State Management in Blazor Apps by Jeremy Likness
• 20:00 - Beautiful Web UI with Blazor and CSS by Jimmy Engstrom
• 20:40 - End of local event!