Munich DataGeeks - September 2015 Edition

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Time for the September meetup ....


- 2 presentations (each ca. 30-40 min incl. discussion)
- Of course time for networking + food + drinks before, in between and especially after the presentations
- Talks are held in English

The Line-Up (detailed description of the talks below):

Andreas Hübner - Connected Katzenklappe

Dr. Julien Gagneur - Machine Learning in Bioinformatics


Speaker: Andreas Hübner

Title: Connected Katzenklappe


Prepare for cat content: My girlfriends cat Mika is a three year old tomcat. He was raised as an outdoor cat and he prefers staying one, leaving and entering our house as he likes, through a cat flap. My girlfriend however is naturally less worried when she knew he was inside. I decided to increase her comfort with the situation and at the same time increase the WAF (go on, google it) for the hardware I keep ordering and never use to it's full extend. A simple construction using a Raspberry Pi, some wires and two sensors, Python, CouchDB and Pushbullet calmed her a lot. And gave insight to some interesting facts regarding the habit of our cat.


I started programming websites as a teenager. Not fully convinced of being a sole software developer, I started studying Business Informatics and later on focused on machine learning and mathematical optimization in Paderborn and Helsinki. My Bachelor and Master theses dealt with outlier detection and recommender systems. In my students job, I helped to design operations research solutions. After finishing master studies, Alex Thamm offered me an fantastic position as a consultant for business analytics projects. Since then I've seen one or the other real world data science problems (including predictive maintenance, search for patterns, anomaly detection and some more), team and project. I enjoy studying and solving data problems (even in my spare time...), keeping their potential effects on business in mind. And I like cats.


Speaker: Dr. Julien Gagneur

Title: Machine Learning in Bioinformatics


After a short overview of current data analysis challenges in genomics, I will present a few studies of our lab in Systems genetics.


Julien Gagneur has a background in applied mathematics. His contribution includes the development of computational methods for a wide range of genomic application (metabolic and protein network, gene set enrichment, transcription) and insights into gene regulation mechanisms from genome-wide data (cis-regulatory modules, antisense expression). His lab, started in July 2012 at the gene center in Munich, focuses on computational approaches to understand mechanisms of gene regulation and their phenotypic impact from genome-wide assays.