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I started this Meetup with a few things in mind: 1) To practice with each other (either hand technique with sticks on pads and/or drumset method at my space). 2) To share gigs with each other (if one of us needs a sub/Ersatzmann, or simply to support each other at your gigs). 3) To share thoughts and stories about drums we own, as collectors, as well as talk about favorite drummers. At this point, all levels are welcome. After initial interest and meetings, I will most likely categorize this group into several different Meetups based on interests and playing level. What I am NOT envisioning with this group is a "drum circle" or hand-percussion studies, but if you are interested in doing such a thing, please let me know and we will create a different group for this. We will figure something out for you, just make sure to let me know what you are looking for in your bio. I can't wait to meet you and drum!

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