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Geekettes Speaker Night "Creativity & Tinkering"
REGISTRATION REQUIRED: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/geekettes-speaker-night-creativity-tinkering-with-laura-schroeder-and-alona-kharchenko-tickets-51455593064 Save the date for our next Speaker Night! We will even have two speakers at this one, with a workshop, a talk, and a tour of MakerSpace with a small surprise. STRUCTURE OF THE NIGHT 18:00 Doors Open, Hack&Talk Pitches (see https://www.meetup.com/utum-x/events/zxnvwpyxpbkb/ ) 19:00 Design Thinking Workshop 20:00 MakerSpace Tour 20:30 Talk by Alona Kharchenko 21:00 Conversation PLEASE ARRIVE BY 19:00 LATEST to take part in the workshop! ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Design Thinking for Leaders and Innovators How would you like to drive innovation at your company? Design Thinking is a structured process by which teams and organizations ideate, iterate and innovate to create market opportunity. This interactive workshop presents the principles and practices of applied design thinking for business innovation. Whether you’re an aspiring company change agent or a founder working out your business strategy, design thinking will help you anticipate customers’ needs and drive innovation. ABOUT THE TALK: Alona is a PhD candidate at TUM conducting research on neuro-robotics as a part of the Human Brain Project. She is a cognition lead at the Roboy Team, a team behind Roboy, a biologically inspired full-size humanoid robot. The goal of the Roboy project is to advance humanoid robotics to the state where its robots are just as good as a human body. To achieve this goal, we create a platform for robot development inspired by biology that unites students, researchers, companies and artists from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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Following the model of Geekettes.io (http://www.geekettes.io/), we are a community of women dedicated to helping aspiring and established female tech innovators. We believe that the more women get involved with tech design, development and leadership, the more successful and diverse our companies and products will be in the future.

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