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GO & PHP by Jan Halfar

Go and PHP are very different in almost every aspect:

• Compiled vs interpreted

• Statically typed vs dynamically typed

• Concurrency vs process isolation

• Long living processes vs per request lifetime

The opposing approach to almost everything is what makes Go and PHP complement one another so well.

Adding Go to our PHP stack helped us to overcome some of our **favourite** problems when building large websites with PHP. In this talk, we want to show, how we used Go in combination with **TYPO3 Neos** to build a large website with (almost) no caching.

Jan Halfar, 44 years old family man, co-founder of bestbytes a software workshop. Studied architecture and got drawn into software development in the late nineties, still stuck there - I guess I like it.

Turtle - Rock Solid Cluster Management by Roland Singer

Turtle is a cluster management tool written in Go which makes use of
open source technologies as Docker, Rocket, BTRFS, OverlayFS, Ceph, KVM,
It's a complete new way to handle your servers. It's designed after the KISS principal and focuses on user-friendliness and security. TURTLE takes care about container setups, virtualizations, load-balancing, backups, distribution and monitoring. This system is used in production at DesertBit.

BitMonster framework and Glue socket library by Roland Singer

BitMonster is a powerful platform for real-time mobile or web applications. It uses a new straightforward approach to connect frontends with a real-time backend. This technology is base on an open source real-time bidirectional socket library called Glue. It is a clean, robust and efficient alternative to socket.io (http://socket.io/). This library is designed to connect webbrowsers with a go-backend in a simple way. It automatically detects supported socket layers and chooses the most suitable one. This library handles automatic reconnections on disconnections and handles caching to bridge those disconnections. The server implementation is thread-safe.

Roland Singer, 21 years old, founder of Manjaro Linux and DesertBit. Focusing on IT-Security, Linux systems, web environments and server solutions. I'm having a great experience with the Go programming language and I really enjoy working with it! Dumped C++ for it...