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Building a business is hard. REALLY hard. But it's learnable. Most entrepreneurs are intelligent and analytical, but they stumble often with what's known as the "False Dilemma" bias. It's like a group of people standing on the bank of a river trying to figure out how to get to the other side. They try to decide between building a bridge or trying to swim. They research like crazy. They talk to people who have done both. They look at what bridges cost to build. They consider how they could raise that money. They investigate the death rate of trying to swim. What they never realize is that there's a boat behind the tree. They never even considered that as an option. Entrepreneurs do this CONSTANTLY. With "Hidden Boats" we invite experts to get involved in a discussion about how to validate ideas, how to find early customers, how to make that first sale - basically, where all of the hidden boats are. Come join us :)

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