Reason Munich Dojo December (Let's build a Style Guide)

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It's time for another ReasonML Munich "Reason Dojo"!

== What is a Reason Dojo? ==
A mob programming session, where you can learn to code on your first Reason & ReasonReact (Reason with ReactJS) web application!

Setup: We will work as a group (depending on the number of attendees, we will split up in multiple smaller groups), while one person is typing on the keyboard, the other folks on the team give instructions on what to type. After 10-15 min, we switch roles. Goal is that every person in the room has typed some Reason code.

Skill level: This is beginners friendly, ideally you know JavaScript and eventually also know about ReactJS & its component concept.

== About Reason / ReasonML ==

Reason is a JS-flavored syntax on top of OCaml, a strongly statically typed multi-paradigm programming language with a
strong focus on pragmatic functional programming.

Together with the BuckleScript compiler and first level ReactJS support, it allows building React applications, while leveraging the tools of OCaml and still being mostly compatible with the existing JS ecosystem.

Kinda like TypeScript, but with a ML based foundation.


for more details!

== Schedule ==

• 18:30:
- Opening
- Setup (Arrival, get to know eachother)
- Welcome Introduction

• 19:00 - 21:30: Reason Dojo

We will directly dive into the matter by installing a real-world npm project built on webpack and ReactJS and will learn how to use basic language features of Reason with ReasonReact.

We'll be working on a small Style Guide for the ReasonML Munich brand. There will be an existing idea on which colors to use, etc and we will be working on a web application for looking up our brand styles, which will ideally be hosted on Netlify later on.

Some glimps on what we might learn:
- How to use Reason and how to use it with ReasonReact (React.js)
- Interaction between ReasonReact <--> ReactJS components
- Write stateless components in Reason
- Write reducerComponents (stateful components) in Reason
- Use lifecycle hooks with state and side-effects (e.g. setTimeout events)
- Interact with CSS styles in Reason

• 21:30: Closing, we need to leave the location at 22:00 latest

== About our Sponsor ==

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