Pushing boundaries of RPA Initiatives

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Many companies start highly motivated with RPA, and then quickly reach their limits when it comes to exploiting the full potential of RPA. The first important step towards a successful automation journey is to find a suitable use case to demonstrate the benefits. Once the solution has been established, it is important to scale and industrialize skillfully. But how to do that?

In our fourth Meetup, our guest speakers will lead you through a fascinating use case and demonstrate how to avoid complications when scaling up RPA solutions.

Speaker 1 leads through an exciting use case in which RPA was used as a helping hand in the migration of two systems.

Speaker 2 will point out hurdles on the way of scaling RPA and talk about how these hurdles can be overcome.

Based on their experience, Speaker 3 will talk about the 10 best ways to drive an RPA project against the wall

Come join us to enjoy beer and snacks and take the chance to meet & mingle with RPA experts, developers, and users.

Find the event and more information on this website: https://www.de.cgi.com/de/events/meetup/pushing-boundaries-of-rpa-initiatives

Please note that there will be fotos or videos taken during the event. If you don't want to be seen in fotos, please indicate it to us at the beginning of the event.