• Sencha Meetup in Munich

    Interhyp AG

    We are going to organize a Sencha Developers Meetup in Munich on 22nd of November. The door opens at 18:30 and talks will start at 19:00. Format: • 2 or 3 presentations (each ca. 20-30 min incl. discussion) • Of course time for networking + food + drinks before, in between and especially after the presentations Details: • Alexis Dorn ist freiberuflicher Softwaredeveloper und entwickelt seit 2007 Ext JS Applikationen für große Unternehmen. Aktuell ist er bei der Interhyp AG für die Migration einer internen Software auf Ext JS 6.x tätig. MVVM oder MVC? Das Gute aus beiden Welten für große Ext JS Anwendungen. Ein Showcase mit Ext JS 6.5 MVC wurde mit Ext JS 4 eingeführt, ViewController und ViewModels inklusive Two-Way-Binding mit der Version 5. Welcher Ansatz ist der richtige? In einem Praxisbeispiel wird gezeigt, wie sich die Kombination aus MVVM und MVC in Ext JS besonders gut eignet, um „Module“ mit Hilfe von Sencha Command Packages in großen Anwendungen verfügbar zu machen. Ein anschließender Erfahrungsaustausch rundet den Vortrag ab. • Olga Petrova is a Sales Engineer at Sencha. Olga has more than 13 years of experience in developing enterprise and data science applications and has worked with a broad range of web technologies, JavaScript libraries, and frameworks. She has a special interest in data visualization and developing enterprise web applications. Push notifications for web apps The Web Push API allows web applications to receive short, urgent messages from a server, even if they’re not in the foreground or currently loaded. When used with the Notifications API, users can interact to take action on these messages in real time. Olga explores the inner workings of the Web Push technology, explaining how to implement Web Push in your web applications and sharing best practices.

  • First Sencha Meetup in Munich

    datafusion System GmbH

    We are going to organize our first Sencha Developers Meetup in Munich on 12th of October. Format: • 2 presentations (each ca. 20-30 min incl. discussion) • Of course time for networking + food + drinks before, in between and especially after the presentations • Talks are held in English Details: • Heiko Erhardt, Freelancer for Datafusion Systems GmbH Enterprise Quality Out Of The Box - Modina.org Abstract: An application prototype within a few days - no problem with Ext JS. The real work begins when the software needs to become mature, robust, configurable, maintainable. Project- & customer-specific versions, security, robustness, consistency, ... Now it gets really costly and laborious. We have been through all that. We decided to put our experiences into a framework on top of Ext JS 6 and release it into open source: Modina (MODular INteratcive Application framework). High quality. Well documented as known from Ext JS itself. Battle tested. Features: - Customer- and project-specific versions through business & technical modules and advanced JSON configuration - Security framework incl. login/logout, role-/permission-aware navigation - Backend API management to prevent URLs being cluttered all over the code - Reliable browser history/back button support incl. automated application state management - Cool & flexible object context menu concept - Managing asynchronity through promises (application startup, listeners involving backend operations etc.) - I18N support Benefits: - Enhance product quality and increase development speed - Significantly eases development within distributed teams - Increase consistency • Olga Petrova, Engineer at Sencha How to add D3.js visualization to your Ext JS application Abstract: In my session I will cover technical details of integration of D3.js visualization into Ext JS application using D3.js adapter. I will show how you could easily customize visualizations available out-of-box as well as integrate a custom visualization from D3.js sample gallery (http://bl.ocks.org/NPashaP/a74faf20b492ad377312). Live coding is included!