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19:00 Socializing, snacks, drinks
19:30 Welcome
[30min] React, Relay and GraphQL – Robert Hostlowsky (codecentric)
[30min] VIDEOJS, advertisement and Webpack – Pascal Matthiesen (check24)
[30min] TBA – free slot

Location, drinks and snacks sponsored by JetBrains.

React, Relay and GraphQL – Robert Hostlowsky (codecentric)

Facebook uses GraphQL to power their apps and web sites. It is open source. So what is it in detail? How does it work? How could it solve typical problems we have with REST.

One of the goals was to improve maintainability, provide higher flexibility for e.g. supporting many different client-versions, and provide rich developer support. At Facebook it is used heavily, and there are quite interesting features on there road-map…

Should I already use GraphQL now? How can I integrate or migrate to this technology? Writing our own GraphQL based Server.

Robert Hostlowsky – Developer, Dad, Dude. Addicted to very dark coffeeee.

VIDEOJS, advertisement and Webpack – Pascal Matthiesen (check24)

A talk about how he build a videoplayer based on video.js with google ima ads and integration using webpack.

Pascal Matthiesen is a JavaScript developer since 4 years. He worked mostly the last 3,5 years on build advertisement based javascript projects. Some other big part of his work is building and maintaining infrastructure with docker.