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An open group of friends and newcomers sharing meditation, depth, silence, inner truths, and inspirations. By coming together from different walks of life and diverse spiritual backgrounds we create a multi-faceted container for the one essence underlying everything. By sharing our personal experiences, wisdom, and connection each one of us nurtures the group in her/his own way.

After a long break, we will continue holding meetings, in April 2018. There will be some changes:
- All meetings will be held in English, as we have so many international guests.
- We will charge a small fee for the facilities and tea.
- Added meetup options for all members. There will be:
1. a beginners class: "Introduction to Meditation",
2. a class for people beyond the beginner's stage: "Deepening your meditation", and
3. group meetings focused on sharing and exchange. Also in these meetings, there will be a time of silence.

Our goals:
- building bridges between different spiritual, religious and mystical traditions and individual paths,
- authentic sharing in the group,
- building and strengthening friendships,
- raising consciousness: inner work and reconnection as basis and source for our work in the outside world
- enjoying an inspiring and 'soul-nourishing' time together.

If you would like to connect further online,
- feel free to sign up for our newsletter:
- join our Facebook group:
- like our Facebook page: or
- leave us a comment here or send a message to the organizer.

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