Worum es bei uns geht

I've created this group to find other people who are interested in Network Coaching in Zurich so we can hang out, socialise and develop ideas and new ways of thinking as well as learn NLP, hypnosis, social dynamics, personal dynamics as well as everything health, wealth and wisdom related.

I want this group to be cutting edge, bringing together people who care about the world, eachother, and themselves. Too many people are focused on the grindstone and stress of life with little regard for doing anything remotely creative or constructive out of work. The social skills of people are absolutely abismal .. You only have to go to an average networking event to find that out, so it's time to a least try to find some people who are cool and could be fun to spend an evening with, one that matters and has a purpose rather than the lame chit chat I hear again and again.

If you're not already aware, Network Coaching allows people to help eachother through meaningful face to face interaction where people want to learn and teach and evolve their consciousness by being around people who can inspire and motivate them. It's not for everybody as many people simply just want a drink and to talk about sport and idle conversation, which is fine. But for many people they simply want a bit more meaning, I know I do. So if you are interested in being one of those people who likes to help themselves and others achieve more, instead of just trying to help yourself to what others have all the time, join the group and come to the events.

Please don't join the group if you just want to sign up and never come. I'd like to build a group of genuine people rather than just waste time with members who join every group going and never bother attending events. So if you want good conversation, the facility to learn, and also teach others what your learn then you will find the is group progressive and exciting, with plenty of scope to meet great people.

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