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NUI Word ( is a online and offline community under the form of a no-profit organization.

You can find the whole organization statue here (

Natural user interface (NUI) is about to take the world as the newest revolution in computing and devices. The next tech rock stars are the people developing NUI and the businesses they envision will be the next hot tech start-ups.

We are those people that are changing the world and the way people interact and experience things through our projects, products, and start-ups.

We use voice control, voice recognition, facial recognition, eye tracking, gesture, motion capture, emotional response, sensors, artificial intelligence, and more, to control apps, devices, and systems in cool new ways.

If you're building applications or products, got a start-up or idea, want to share your skills and knowledge or learn from others, want to get in on tech's new leading edge, or are just a techno geek, this is the group for you! And... we want to know what you're up to and help you promote what your building to the world.

Events include: speakers, meet & greets, project showcases, hackathons, and more. Join us now to experience new stuff, learn something, meet like-minded people, and have fun. And in case you're wondering...

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