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The Northern Virginia Hiking Club (NVHC) offers a range of hikes of various difficulty levels in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and beyond. The club also offers other outdoor events occasionally. NVHC members reflect the rich diversity of the Washington DC Metro area. Annual membership fee is $5. Guests are welcome and enjoy a month’s free participation in the club events. NVHC is a nonprofit organization and donates much of the fees it collects to local parks and trail maintenance organizations (nearly $9,000 over the last three years).

Members are required to accept the liability disclaimer by typing “Accept” in the fields presented when they join the club.


NVHC hikes are assigned difficulty ratings. A combination of linear distance and elevation gain is used to determine the rating, with 400 feet of elevation gain considered to be equivalent of 1 mile of linear distance. With the “miles” derived from elevation gain added to the linear distance, following are the ratings:

A+= Very Difficult (19 miles or more)
A = Difficult (13 miles or more, but less than 19 miles)
B = Moderately Difficult (10 miles or more, but less than 13 miles)
C = Moderate (7 miles or more, but less than 10 miles)
D = Easy (Less than 7 miles)

For example, a nine-mile hike with 1,000 feet of climbing would be rated B (9 + 2.5 = 11.5).

Elevation loss is not measured in this system. Also, the difficulty rating is separate from the pace of the hike, which is determined by the leader, and is usually specified in the individual hike descriptions.


Often there are limits on the number of participants on NVHC events, set by our leaders. This creates wait lists on Meetup. If you find yourself in this situation, we request that you keep in mind the interest of the leaders and your fellow hikers, and follow the guidelines below:

- If you RSVP’d “yes” for a hike, change your RSVP to “no” as soon as you decide not to go, so that someone else can go.

- If you RSVP’d “yes” to overlapping events on the same day, decide on one as soon as possible, and change your RSVP to “no” for all others.

- If you are on a wait list and decide not to go, remove yourself from the list.


Dogs are welcome on NVHC hikes at the discretion of the hike leader. Several restrictions apply including advance notification to the leader, dogs being well behaved, and their being kept on a six foot leash. See dog policy located at [ https://tinyurl.com/nvhcdogpolicy ] for details.

Bevorstehende Events (5)

Raven Rocks + AT Out and Back (Rating: A+)

Snickers Gap - Appalachian Trailhead

You must read the following http://nvhc.com/CovidDocument.pdf and then answer the question that you will see when you RSVP with "I accept" to be permitted on the hike. A 15 mile circuit hike with 3400' elevation gain, more or less. Ravens Rocks is a very popular trail because of it's beautiful outcrop that offers a majestic view and close proximity to NOVA. This is part of the section of the AT nicknamed the "rollercoaster". This trail will lead us into West Virginia where we will enjoy a beautiful view from the cliffs looking back towards Virginia. After passing the Ravens Rocks Overlook, we will continue on the AT until turning around and coming back. This hike is a strenuous "A+" rated hike because of distance & elevation. Please read up on the hike and do not RSVP if there is any question of your ability to handle the rocky terrain. Attendance list will be screened. If you join the waitlist and are not a regular A/A+ hiker, you must private message the hike leader to relate your experience and why you should be allowed to go on this hike – no exceptions. The group size will be very limited. NOTE: Is winter so dress in layers and bring SPIKES. ================================================================ Type:........................................: OUT & BACK - Extremely rocky terrain Linear Distance:......................: 15 miles Elevation Gain.........................: 3400 feet Estimated Speed.....................: ~2.5 mph Recommended Equipment ....: Hiking Poles, boots, snack & lunch, 1+ liters water, GU, hat, gloves, traction gear. Pets Allowed............................: no at the hike leaders request Carpool Meet-up......................: Carpools not supported at this time. ================================================================ PARKING: Ridge off VA 7 in the large commuter lot. ================================================================ Hike Starting Point...............: Snickers Gap DOT parking lot Park Fee................................: FREE Hike START TIME...................: Hike starts promptly at 08:00 AM ET Hike Meetup Time.................: NLT 7:45 AM ================================================================ * COVID – Masks are optional on hike. However, everyone should have one in their backpack in case it becomes necessary. Do not come if you are sick. PLEASE PRINT OUT ANY MAPS THAT YOU THINK YOU MAY NEED AS I DO NOT PROVIDE COPIES OF MAPS. ALL THE LINKS YOU WILL NEED ARE BELOW. • PDF Map (partial only): https://www.hikingupward.com/OVH/RavenRocks/ • Active All Trails Map: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/at-raven-rock-out-and-back-ee16fa8?u=i Any questions? Contact your hike leader via private message. Your Hike Leader: Wanda I. Cruz (703)[masked]

Harpers Ferry Hike and Bushwhack (Rating: B)

Public Parking

You must read the following http://nvhc.com/CovidDocument.pdf and then answer the question that you will see when you RSVP with "I accept" to be permitted on the hike. This is an 8 mile hike in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, with 1000’ elevation gain including about 2.5 miles of bushwhacking. We will begin at the river access parking lot on Shenandoah St. and Route 340. We will hike along the river and past John Brown’s Fort then across the Potomac River on the Goodlow Bryon Memorial footbridge. Taking a left we will hike a couple of miles along the C&O canal before beginning the bushwhack to explore prominent sites including a hand-dug iron pit, various structures and up a road that hauled supplies to a Civil War fort (Fort Duncan). Long pants recommended. Bushwhacking involves walking off trail with potential obstacles such as downed trees, brush, sticker bushes, rocks, mud, stream crossings and steep uphills and downhills. Only RSVP if you are up for this adventure. Rating: B Leader: Ed Brimberg[masked] (C) Meet at 8;30am at the public parking lot on Shenandoah Street, Harpers Ferry, WV just off US 340. GPS Coordinates:[masked], [masked] Park Entry Fee: A national park pass or $20 payment (cash only) is required in this small unattended lot. You will need to fill out an envelope with money and/or pass info. No dogs are permitted on this hike. Map for hike (no handouts provided): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hM_Ie7pYoQQ-W-Baz0BDz55DouXgahVT ****You must be experienced in hikes of this distance and elevation gain. ****

Sky Meadows State Park - Lost Mountain (Rating: B)

Sky Meadows State Park Visitor Center

The hike will be nine (9) miles with 1,000 feet of elevation gain. I plan to hike at a moderate 2.0 - 2.5 mph. We’ll start from the visitors center parking lot at GPS coordinates:[masked], [masked] and hike to and across Rt. 17 to the Lost Mountain area of the park. Please see the following link for the general path I intent to take on Lost Mountain. https://www.hikingupward.com/OVH/SkyMeadowsFarms/images/Map.pdf. There is one small stream crossing. We’ll plan to have lunch / snack at the picnic tables at Lost Mountain parking. Please arrive at the park by 8:30 AM and be prepared to submit your sign-in sheet information ahead of time if requested to expedite the sign in process. Fees: 1. The park entry fee is $7 or free with a REI receipt or Virginia state park pass. 2. There is no carpool fee since the club is not organizing carpooling. Please note that I would recommend that all members have crampons (microspikes) with them. Dogs are permitted on this hike in accordance with the NVHC Dog Policy. https://tinyurl.com/nvhcdogpolicy Each hiker is required to read: (1) the NVHC special COVID-19 Guidelines, (2) the standard NVHC Sign-in Sheet Statement, and (3) the COVID-19 Waiver and Release of Liability, and then write "I accept" in response to the Meetup question. Those who do not accept online prior to the hike will not be allowed on the hike. Leader: Jim Hollis [masked]

Manassas National Battlefield Park (Rating: D )

Manassas National Battlefield Park Visitor Center

You must read the following http://nvhc.com/CovidDocument.pdf and then answer the question that you will see when you RSVP with "I accept" to be permitted on the hike. We will do a moderate 5 miles around the battlefield with views of the historic old Stone Bridge. Dogs are permitted on this hike in accordance with the NVHC Dog Policy: https://tinyurl.com/nvhcdogpolicy Leader: Sarah[masked] (C) Meet at 8:00am at the Manassas National Battlefield Park Visitor Center. GPS Coordinates:[masked], [masked] There is no park entrance fees. IT WILL LIKELY BE MUDDY, I suggest a change of shoes and a bag to put your boots in.

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Palisades and C&O Canal (Rating: C)

Palisades Recreation Center & Playground

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